Change of Address

If you move:

The following forms need to be completed and sent to Julie Phelps at central office.  Once received, your information will be updated in our system and sent to the insurance company.

1.  If you have Medical, Dental, Vision, Life/LTD insurance, you must complete the following forms marking each of them as “ADDRESS CHANGE ONLY”:

  1. If you have voluntary insurance (cancer, short term, etc,) you need to contact them for updates.

  2. If you have an annuity, you need to contact your vendor representative and notify them of your address change.  The vendor list can be found under the Annuity link.

  3. If eligible, you need to log in to your online TRF or PERF account and update your information with them. While in your account, it is also a good time to check phone numbers and your beneficiary status to make sure it is set up the way you would like it to be.

  4. If you have a HSA account with Teacher’s Credit Union, you need to contact them and update your address.

  5. You need to contact Susan Wettrick at central office for the employee directory. Let your building secretary know too.