Registration Help

Registration Form Help Line

To the left are two video guides that show the different steps for regsitration.

If you are having a problem with the registration form (such as you are unable to submit your form and you cannot find what field you did not fill out), PowerSchool Enrollment encourages parents to call PowerSchools Parent Support since there are issues that PowerSchool Enrollment has to deal with directly.

PowerSchool Enrollment Family Support

School Contact Information
If needed, please feel free to contact the front office of the student's school for more information regarding student registration or for a password for the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

  • Shelbyville High School - 317-398-9731

  • Shelbyville Middle School - 317-392-2551

  • Coulston Elementary - 317-398-3185

  • Hendricks Elementary - 317-398-7432

  • Loper Elementary - 317-398-9725

  • Golden Bear Preschool - 317-392-2449