Out of District Student Transfer Information

***Proof of Legal Residence***

Before any student is assigned to attend Shelbyville Central Schools, the student’s parent or legal guardian* must prove legal residence within the attendance boundaries.

Acceptable documents of proof of legal residence include:

  1. Copy of utility bill dated within the past 30 days (gas, oil, electric, telephone, cable, cell phone, water, sewer);

  2. Copy of rental lease and record of most recent rent payment;

  3. Copy of title work, closing papers, or paperwork from recorder’s office;

  4. Payroll stub with current address within the past 30 days;

  5. Unemployment check or welfare/government assistance check with a current address within the past 30 days.

Documentation will also be required for any change of address. Proof of residency does not apply to homeless students per the McKinney-Vento Act.

Students who do not reside in the Shelbyville Central Schools District of Shelby County and wish to enroll in the school system must submit an application for Out of District Student Transfers and receive approval from the Superintendent’s Office.

*Legal guardianship requires additional documentation from a court or agency.

If out of district families become residents of the Shelbyville Central Schools district, they must comply with the established SCS School Board Policy 5120.