Pesticide Notifications

September 18th; 4PM-9PM or September 19th; 8AM-9PM, September 25th;4PM-9PM or September 26th, 8AM-9PM

Description of Location(s): Shelbyville High School, Shelbyville Middle School, Loper Elementary, Coulston Elementary, Hendricks Elementary School, Shelbyville Sports Facility, Shelbyville Golden Bear Preschool
Areas Included: Middle School (entire property), High School (front/sides & around the gym), Hendricks (entire property), Loper (front & sides), Coulston (entire property),Shelbyville Sports Facility (common areas), Shelbyville Golden Bear Preschool(entire property)

Licensed Commercial Applicators:
Certified Applicator Information
Matt Kuhn License # F210435
Patrick Kuhn License # RT215747
Joe Price License # RT273944

Contact Information: Kuhn Kare LLC, 765-525-6305

Designee for Information: Earsel Smith, SCS Director of Building and Grounds, 317-398-9731, ext. 2555

Principal Target: Fertilizer & Post emergent Herbicide (weeds) ( EPA # 228-447-10404)

Pesticides to be Applied: Fertilizer 32-0-8 (no EPA #) and Fertilizer 16-6-6, (no EPA #)

Brand Names Used: Lesco Fertilizer - Award Professional Turf Fertilizer

SCS Locations:

Shelbyville Golden Bear Preschool                                 
1115 S. R. 44                         
Shelbyville IN 46176

Shelbyville High School                                            
2003 S. Miller St.                                            
Shelbyville, IN 46176   

Shelbyville Middle School
1200 W. McKay Rd.
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Hendricks Elementary School
1111 St. Joseph St.
Shelbyville , IN 46176

Loper Elementary School
901 Loper Dr.
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Coulston Elementary School
121 Knightstown Rd.
Shelbyville , IN 46176

357 IAC 1-16-9 Pesticide record keeping
Indiana Code 15-16-5